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Free Download E-Book Tentang Adobe Photoshop CS4

Daftar isi :

Part One: Drawing and Painting
Chapter 1: Painting in Photoshop
Chapter 2: Creating Characters with Shape Layers
Chapter 3: Graffiti Spray Paint Art
Chapter 4: Creating Stencil Art
Chapter 5: Tracing Photographs
Chapter 6: Illustrating from Sketches
Chapter 7: Retro Art Effects
Chapter 8: Coloring Comic Art

Part Two: Unconventional Methods
Chapter 9: Antique Effects
Chapter 10: Photocopier Meets Photoshop
Chapter 11: Urban Lowbrow Art

Part Three: Real World Photoshop
Chapter 12: Sketch and Dry Brush Effects
Chapter 13: Simulated Screen-Printing
Chapter 14: Real World Collage
Chapter 15: In and Out of Photoshop

Part Four: Illustrative Photography
Chapter 16: Creature Architecture
Chapter 17: The Third Dimension
Chapter 18: Aging Effects
Chapter 19: Representational Surrealism
Chapter 20: The Cover Challenge

Untuk Download E-book Creative Photoshop CS4 [Digital Illustration and Art Techniques] klik link di bawah ini

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 Daftar Isi Ebook :

- Select the color setting for your projects
- Set the preferences for the way you work
- Move the panels and tools to customize your workspace
- Personalize your view of bridge
- Add a keyboard shortcut for a favorite filter
- Create a custom action to increase your efficiently
- Design a customized brush with your settings
- Make a special gradient to suit your design
- Calibrate and profile your monitor to better editing
- Turn on the full power of photoshop with a peb tablet
.................... sampe 100 tips

Untuk Download E-bookPhotoshop CS4 Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks klik link di bawah ini

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